Tutorial: Using Portable WinCDEmu

This tutorial shows how to use portable WinCDEmu to mount your optical disc images without installing it to the computer.

  1. Download the Portable WinCDEmu to your computer and launch it:
  2. WinCDEmu will ask whether you want to install the portable driver. Click "Yes":
  3. Now you can mount your disc images. Click "Mount image":
  4. Select the image you want to mount:
  5. Once you press "Open", the image will appear in the mounted image list and its drive letter will be shown to the left from the file name:
  6. You can use Windows Explorer to browse the mounted drive letter. You can replace the image without losing the drive letter by selecting it and clicking "Replace image":
  7. Now you can select another image and WinCDEmu will replace the previous one:
  8. When you are done using your image, you can select it and click "Unmount" or use the "Unmount ALL" button to unmount all images: